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Pioneering Wine Producers meet Pioneering Hemp Growers

Zola Bud Hemp Nursery and Dispensary is based on a wine farm in Stellenbosch, South Africa - where another iconic brand was birthed and gifted to the world, Mhudi Wines. These wines are from the first vineyard to be wholly owned by a family of colour. Something that was impossible in our country's dark past.


The year 2021 saw the pioneering family establish one of the first Hemp Nurseries in the country, boasting the best genetics from top breeders around the world. For the first time EVER, high quality CBD Hemp Clones and Cured Hemp Flower is available legally to local consumers and growers who prefer to go herbal for their well being.




The farm acquired a Hemp Permit in mid-2022, a copy of which we are required by law to provide to our clients with each sale along with Detailed Invoices, Transport Declarations and Certificates of Analysis for the Hemp purchased.

A copy of our Hemp Permit is available upon request.

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