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This is our first Full Spectrum Cannabis strain offering, with the benefit of ALL the Cannabinoids, including nearly 20% THC! 


Super Cheese can be blended with Zola Bud CBD flower depending on how much of a psychoactive buzz you want to feel. You remain in total control of your THC intake by using this method.


Now you can develop your own CBD:THC blended ratio. Sometimes a sprinkle of cheese is all you need :)


About The Strain


Super Cheese is a throwback to the old school strains that filled the coffee shops of Amsterdam in the late 1980s.


The popular strain was created through inbreeding, crossing Cheese genetics with another select phenotype believed to be Exodus Cheese. The aroma of this indica-dominant hybrid is a mix of skunky musk and a pungent blue cheese funk that has become synonymous with Cheese varieties. The flavor is a strong, smooth blend of bittersweet herbs and cream, like an earthy buttermilk.


Super Cheese strain helps with

  • Anxiety

    26% of people say it helps with anxiety

  • Insomnia

    17% of people say it helps with insomnia

  • Pain

    17% of people say it helps with pain



Super Cheese - Full Spectrum

R500,00 Regular Price
R350,00Sale Price
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