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We are a licensed Hemp Nursery and Dispensary based in Cape Town. Be a part of History in the making and join the Hemp revolution.


Beautifully cured Full Spectrum and CBD Hemp flowers with zero THC.


The chill without the spill.



Benefits of Hemp CBD & CBG


Mental Health 

Biological research shows that Cannabidiol (CBD) possesses excellent properties that might be favourable for people suffering from anxiety, epilepsy, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and schizophrenia. 

Chronic Pain

Many people around the world are suffering from chronic pain. Up till now, it was considered incurable. However, new studies on Cannabidiol have opened doors of hope for the sufferers. 

Sleep Disorders 

Millions of people worldwide cannot sleep well due to somnipathy or sleep disorders. 

However, evidence from various scientific studies associates CBD with a reduction in insomnia symptoms. People who have used about 25mg of Cannabidiol every day for a month have reported improvement in their sleep patterns. 

Cardiovascular Health 

Research conducted in 2020 revealed that CBD has vasodilatory properties. It might be instrumental in lowering blood pressure by improving blood flow. As hypertension is a leading factor behind cardiovascular problems, reducing its symptoms with CBD flower might help boost cardiovascular health. 

Other Benefits

Some other scientifically proven health benefits of Cannabidiol include treating drug addiction, easing diabetic complications, improving bone health, suppressing muscle spasms, and managing seizures. 

  • Is it Legal to buy Hemp Flowers and Clones?
    In late 2021 the South African Department of Agriculture adopted Hemp as an Industrial Crop and CBD Hemp Flower falls under this category: a legal class of products that also contains Hemp Textiles, Hempcrete Building Blocks and Hemp Seed Oil amongst numerous other products. Hemp cultivators are required by law to be in possession of a Hemp Permit.
  • What is smoking CBD like?
    CBD hemp flower gives you a soothing, relaxing sensation when smoked, vaped, or added to edibles. The feeling you get from CBD flower is not at all like getting high. No matter how much CBD hemp flower you ingest, you will never feel intoxicated.
  • What is CBG?
    Cannabigerol (CBG) is known as the “mother of all cannabinoids” because the others are all synthesised from Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA). Like CBD, CBG can also be extracted from both hemp and marijuana. Experts believe that CBG flower or CBG bud generates the same positive effects as CBD, and even better at times. The results from several scientific studies support their claim.
  • What is a CBD Hemp Clone?
    A clone is a new plant made by cutting a branch off an impressive CBD Hemp mother plant and having it root to become a separate, but carbon copy of the mom plant which was chosen for her superior traits and genetics.
  • What is CBD Hemp Flower?
    Hemp and Marijuana are both classified as Cannabis Sativa plants. However, Hemp has a low THC content of no more than 0.2% compared to Marijuana which can have more than 20% THC. THC is the compound that produces the 'high'. CBD Hemp Flowers are produced from specialised Cannabis cultivars that are bred to be high in CBD and have almost zero THC content.
  • Can CBD Hemp Flower help Nicotine and Tobacco users?
    Puffing or vaping CBD Hemp Flower will provide an enjoyable smoke without leaving you with an addiction to deal with. Smoking CBD Hemp bud seems the sensible way to go if you are going to smoke anything at all. Many tobacco smokers report reduced nicotine cravings when they smoke CBD Hemp Bud.
  • Why use CBD Hemp Flowers?
    While consuming CBD Hemp bud won’t give you a ‘high’, the flowers are packed with hundreds of other beneficial Cannabinoids, such as CBD, CBG and CBN. These natural compounds are known to alleviate pain and aid with sleep, anxiety and depression. The method of ingesting Hemp flowers depends on personal preference, either taken in edibles and tincture form, or vaped and smoked. Many home growers make their own CBD Oil infusions easily at home using CBD Hemp flowers.

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Since 2021

Zola Bud Premium Hemp was founded in 2021 in order to help every person experience the power and potency of hemp-derived products. 

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M'hudi Wines, M'hudi Farm, Old Paarl Road, Koelenhof, Stellenbosch, South Africa

Mobile/WhatsApp: +2768 492 9677

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